Sole Therapy

Our hands and feet are used and abused more than any other external body part. Pampering them will renew your whole body, mind, spirit, soul, and soles! ​Foot treatments also will include the same on your hands.

Arthritis Relief

45 Minutes $40.00
Essential oil therapy, hot and cold therapy, paraffin dip, pressure point massage

Calm Palms

1/2 Hour $55.00
Exfoliation on hands and arms, moisturizing and firming mask, hot oil massage

Heeling Touch

1 Hour $85.00
Your neglected and cracked heels will feel like new with our herbal seasalt exfoliation, mask,paraffin wrap, moisturizing foot and leg pressure point massage

Heavenly Soles

1 Hour $85.00
Great for those with tired, swollen feet (especially good for pregnant women.) Your treatment begins with mild sloughing and exfoliation, Kuoli Gelata foot wrap, and lymph drainage massage with our anti-fluid gel


1/2 Hour $30.00
Erase sun damage, age spots on your hands or soften those hard calluses and cracked soles with a 35% unbuffered glycolic peel – package of 6 $125.00


45 Minutes $75.00
Stimulation of points in the hands and feet relating to organs