Forever Young Facials Fredericksburg

    1. No “fluff and puff” here, we truly deliver

therapy to your skin. A consultation is performed before each treatment to determine best product for your skin type. Medical grade and organic products are used leaving your skin healthy, glowing, toned, and looking rejuvenated.

Spa Facial  Fredericksburg TX

1 Hour $95.00
Specific products nourish and balance the skin. Basic and deep cleansing, exfoliation, repairing mask, and moisturizing

Package of 3 $225 (package for use by one person)

The Purifier

1 1/2 Hours $125.00
Spa facial with lymphatic drainage, extractions, toning, suggested for Acne or one needing more lymphatic

The Awakening

2 Hours $165.00
This intense four layer seaweed and mineral treatment reaches to the dermis, bringing out toxins, wakes up young cells, lifts, tones

Massage & Facial Combo 

Enjoy a little of both 

45 min mass/ 45 min facial           $150

*The Following Facials are performed by Certified Medical Aesthetician will over 25 years of experience

The Revitalizer

Series of 6 $300.00

Medical grade acids used to remove dead cells, clear skin, and reduce fine lines. Each treatment builds upon itself going deeper and longer each time.


$400   Series of 3 $975  of 5 $1250

Medical grade device used to stimulate collagen and elastin, improve acne scars, deep wrinkles, and improve appearance and health of skin. Hydrating mask and serums included in treatment

Geneo Facial

$200    Pkg of 3 $450 Pkg of 6 $750

Facial of the Future –

Microdermabrasion, Oxygen, UltraSonic, Radio Frequency and Organic formulations all used to dramatically oxygenate the skin, improve wrinkles, pigmentation, and appearance with noticeable difference in one treatment

Euro Stone Facial

1 1/2 Hours $135

Use of hot stones top open sinuses and cold stones to tone, revitalizing mask.

Precious Stone Facial

1 1/2 Hours $135

Use of crystals and gems to energize and heal the skin , lymphatic drainage and facial toning also used.

Bio-lift Facial Toning

Series of 6 – $300.00
Series of 8 – $360.00
Series of 12 – $480.00
Series of 18 – $600.00

Use of microcurrents to stimulate facial and neck muscles, tighten, and lift.

Oriental Analysis Facial

1 Hour $130

Lines, coloration,and other factors analysed to determine what’s going on internally. Facial shiatsu lifting massage done with custom products .Chart included.

Eye Treatment

Eye mask, drainage, toning