Body Therapy

They say our bodies are the Temple to our souls. Restore your Temple to pristine condition.

Seaweed Body Wrap

1 1/2 Hours | $150.00
100% pure laminaria nourishes, increases tone and metabolism, detoxifies the body,includes 1/2 hour of moisturizing.

Upgrade to 60min massage $175

Back Beauty

1 Hour | $95.00
​Deep cleansing, extractions, purifying mask, and balancing cream on the back

​Busting Pride

1 Hour | $85.00
Deep nourishment, lymphatic drainage, firming mask, balancing, and toning on the decollete area

Fluid Reliever

45 Minutes | $70.00
Anti-fluid gel wrap, lymphatic drainage specific area of body[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

Cellulite Control

1 Hour Series of 5 | $600.00
Self heating Thermo- Reducing Clay mask rich in spirulina is applied from hips to thighs to encourage fat breakdown and elimination. A contouring concentrate and reshaping serum are massaged onto the body using specific sculpting movements which smooth connective tissue,break up fat and drain toxins. Rapid, visible results up to 1 size smaller after the complete series


Salt Glow

1 Hour | $100.00
Dead sea salts stimulate lymph and circulation, exfoliates skin, releases toxins, followed with 1/2 moisturizing massage.

Upgrade to 60 min massage $165

Scalp Revitalizer

45 Minutes | $70.00
Pressure point massage with essential oils relieves tension and headaches, and stimulates the scalp

Ear Candling

3/4 Hour for 2 | $85.00
Relaxing and natural way of removing wax

Body Brushing

1/2 Hour | $65.00
Learn the art of brushing the skin in a manner that releases toxins and stimulates circulation. Includes your own naural skin brush.[/ezcol_1half_end]